About #BeReadyGROUP

Dear Sir or Madam,

#BeReadyGROUP (known earlier as MCSI Group) was founded in 1996 and has been operating to this day as Polish capital (from Polish capital). I built this company from scratch and over the years of its operation it managed to achieve over 200 million turnover in 2008. A great success has been achieved. Unfortunately, we crashed into the reefs of the global financial crisis, which resulted in the bankruptcy of MCSI Ltd on 7 January 2011.

After years of non-existence and struggle for survival, hard, tedious and strenuous work and dozens of sacrifices, the MCSI brand begins to restore its splendour. I did my homework, learned from my mistakes and bounced back.

In January 2017 MCSI sp. z o. o. competed for the largest ever tender for the GSM-R system in PKP PLK, with a budget of PLN 3. 5 billion. The better ones won, but in this way we showed that we can build strong and international alliances. Today MCSI is no longer the same small company that started with zero capital in 1996.

Today, #BeReadyGROUP (earlier MCSI GROUP) is a group that builds its capital on powerful experiences and looks to the future with hope. Just as I said in 2011 that I will never give up and I will give up every debt to the zloty, today I am convinced that this statement is correct, but also that it is realistic.

2019 appears to be a breakthrough and a demonstration of what we have learned over the last 9 years since the MCSI ship started drifting and sank as a result.

2022 is the most important in our history because of two reasons: we created two new business branches in our group; EV HPC (high power charging) stations infrastructure. It will be our biggest project and we started the sale of railway wagons, thanks to which our turnover increased to EUR 10 million

Today we are a team of people strongly believe in success of our ideas.

Yours sincerely

Konrad Wojterkowski
President #BeReadyGROUP