Career at BeReady Group

All market forecasts and analyses say that the industry we operate in will become one of the most dynamically developing sectors of economies worldwide in the next 10-20 years. As a company at the beginning of this exciting journey, we are aware of the potential we have to utilize. Our strategy is to become one of the key players in the market, and our pursuit of this goal is exceptionally fast and decisive. To achieve our goals and maintain steady growth, we are looking for talented, determined, and ambitious people who will join our team.

First and foremost, we are looking for call center employees, who will be an integral part of our company, providing excellent customer service and support. The task of the Call Center staff will be to maintain a high quality of customer service and to be in constant contact with our customers. We need committed and communicative employees. People in these positions will be responsible for providing information about our products and services, solving technical issues of customers, and logging complaints.

Scope of responsibilities:

  • Ensuring smooth operational service for businesses (customer service through email and telephone contact);
  • Support in the day-to-day work of the Corporate Customer Advisor in terms of the customer service process and service sales;
  • Participation and support in tasks related to preparing individual strategies for communication and sales for the most important Customers;
  • Active participation in collecting and documenting information about the Customer relevant for sales and after-sales relationships;
  • Taking care of the proper circulation of documentation;
  • Effective service based on quality, commitment, and business trust;
  • Engagement in the process of improving customer contacts;
  • Active participation in making changes to communication procedures towards customers;


  • Good knowledge of MS Office package;
  • Very good organization of work;
  • Communicative and interpersonal skills;
  • Accuracy and systematic approach to task completion;
  • Ability to work in a team;
  • Ability to work under time pressure;
  • Communicative knowledge of English or German;
  • Demonstrating high empathy and personal culture, and patience towards customers;
  • Within our team, we are also looking for experienced system administrators who will be essential support for our technological infrastructure. The task of the system administrators will be to ensure the smooth functioning of our IT infrastructure and maintain a high level of data security, we need qualified system administrators. These individuals will be responsible for managing, configuring, and monitoring our IT systems, servers and networks, as well as solving technical issues and implementing updates.

Scope of responsibilities:

  • Managing IT infrastructure (servers, arrays, switches, LAN / vLAN / WAN);
  • Administering MS Windows, MS SQL Server, Linux, MacOS servers;
  • Managing Active Directory services;
  • Participation in coordinating activities related to the administrative service of the company and client companies;
  • Administrative service of programs: Office 365;
  • Solving reported problems as part of I and II line support remotely and during service visits at the end Customer’s headquarters;
  • Working in a 24/7 SOC;
  • Reacting to security-related events and managing them;
  • Engagement in investigations of detected security incidents and using tools to identify and report the results of conducted investigations against recorded incidents to higher-level management;
  • Responding to alerts from endpoint protection and malware detection tools;
  • Taking action to maintain the desired level of security;
  • Implementing changes to infrastructure, IT systems, their optimization and monitoring;
  • Testing and uploading system patches;
  • Knowledge of PowerShell;
  • Participation in creating, updating documentation on security, policies, procedures, instructions.


  • Knowledge of server systems Linux, Windows, MacOS;
  • Knowledge of operating systems Windows, MacOS, Linux;
  • Knowledge of safety rules in accordance with ISO 27000, 27001, 22301 standards;
  • Knowledge of MISP, NIS, OWASP standards;
  • Knowledge of FireWall systems, XDR, AV, DLP, MDM, PKI;
  • Ability to use VirusTotal and associated rules;
  • Very good technical / practical competencies in the field of SIEM products;
  • Practical knowledge of network issues (routing, TCP / IP protocols);
  • Experience in IT security systems (Next Generation Firewall, WAF, Anti DDoS, EDR, IPS / IDS);
  • Ability to learn quickly, work under pressure, think out of the box;
  • Good knowledge of Microsoft and M365 applications (including Windows Server, Microsoft Windows Terminal Services and SharePoint);
  • Knowledge of backup systems and designing backup policies;
  • Experience in administering Active Directory services;
  • Very good knowledge of virtualization platform e.g. Hyper-v, VMWare;
  • Communicative knowledge of English;
  • Driving license category B;
  • Very good organization of own work, accuracy, and meticulousness;
  • High analytical and organizational skills, accuracy, attention to detail;
  • Effective time management skills;
  • Strong analytical and communication abilities;
  • Ability to work in stressful situations;
  • Administering the Exchange 2016 mail system (including older ones);
  • Monitoring systems and applications;
  • Knowledge of scripting languages;

Requirements that will be an advantage:

  • Knowledge of TheHive Project system;
  • Knowledge of MITRE;
  • Ability to navigate the DarkWeb;
  • Willingness to learn and constantly improve qualifications / obtain certifications;
  • Experience in SOAR solutions;
  • Experience in investigative analytics;

If you are a person who wants to join a dynamically developing company and have a chance for professional development in one of the most innovative sectors of the economy, we warmly invite you to apply. Together, we can achieve success and become one of the key players in this exciting industry.