Railway wagons

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– 80 feet long new platforms to transport containers, wood and other goods

Technical data for 6-axle platform wagon 80 'type 629Z series Sggrss-K

Width of rails1435 mm
Structure gauge according to PN-EN-15273-2 normG1 + Gl1
Wagon length with bumpers26700 mm
Cargo length2 x 12375 mm
King-pin base2 x 10580 mm
Maximum width of the wagon3060 mm
Height of buffing gear above rail level1025 mm
Coupling hitch height1005 mm
Loading height1155 mm
Curve radius (single wagon)R = 75 m
Curve radius (set of wagons)R = 150 m
Maximum radius for ferry boarding1ø30?/ R=120m
Maximum speed with wheelset bearing on 22,5 t/ axle 100 km/h
Maximum speed with wheelset bearing on 20,0t/ axle 120 km/h
Outside temperature range during operation on T3-25øC;+45øC
Cargo wagons trolley (type/series)21TN / Y25Ls(s)d1-K
Brake blocks mechanisms (K)2 x Bgu (K)
Break system2 x KE-GP-A(K) lub 2x MH-GP-A(A)
Break cylinder3 x 10?
Parking brake activated at rail level on the side of a wagon on the chassis A
Screw coupler0,85 MN
Drawbar (coupler)1 MN
Draw gear1 MN
Bumper with 105 mm stroke, kategory A

20 feet long new containers (up to the end of 2022) to transport cereal other goods

Loading scheme

  • 40 feet long freshly renovated platforms to transport wood and other goods                        
  • 60 feet long platforms to transport wood and other goods

Wagon type 424Z

Functional description of the 424Z wagon

Construction type424Z
Series - letter designationResIÿRes - xx
General information
Year of constructionsince 1979
Destinyfor the transport of collected loads, debtors, rolled products, vehicles, etc.
Construction weight23500
Max speed100
Load limit depending on the class of the railway lineaccording too B20 appendix 02
Min track curve radius35
Railway vehicle gaugeG1 according too TS! WAG appendix C
Dimensional characteristics
Track gaugemm1435
Max. wagon widthBmaxmm3030
Length over buffersLzdmm19900
Wheelbase of the torsional pinsamm14860
Loading lengthLtmm18500
Loading widthB$mm2646
The height of the stanchionsÿa) lateralHkmm1300
Loading aream249
The height of the floor from the rail headHpmm1238
The height of the wagon from the rail headHwmm2535
Technical characteristics
Wheelset type--920x185 or A-920/185aÿor B-920/200sA920/185a or B-920/200s
Carriage type--Y25Cs( 25TN, 25TNa, 25TNd ) fixed side slides
Axial bearing type--130x240x80 or 120x240x80
Wheelset axle type--A0120x179/0185 or A0130x217/0185 or B0130x191/0200
Springs--coil springs
Brake system--Oerlikon 0-GP
Distribution valve--ESt3f
Brake cylinder--16"
--SAB DRV2A-600
Brake pad adjuster
Brake inserts--2 Bg 320, cast iron P10I2Bg 320, type LL, type IB116*
Coupling type--Draw gear with screw coupling in accordance with UIC 520
Bumpers--with a stroke of 105 mm with an elastomer shock absorber in accordance
with UIC 526-1
Additional equipment--headboards and side wall segments, 16 pivoting side stanchions, 20 rope
fastening devices

FALS wagons to transport coal and other goods

Special construction coal wagons - type F

Special construction coal wagons, 4-axle, 50 tons <= load limit => 60 tons, automatic gravity unloading, at the same time complete, at the same time two-sided, unloading chutes positioned high, adapted to driving at a speed of 100 km / h

DESTINATION: Dump wagons with side flaps are designed for the transport of aggregates, coal and coke.

LOADING: The wagon is loaded by gravity through the upper loading opening with the use of mechanized devices (conveyor belts, lifting devices).

UNLOADING: The wagon is unloaded automatically after opening the side flaps by means of manual or pneumatic levers to the bunkers or to the unloading yards located along the tracks, at a level lower than the track.

  • wagons for cereal transportation. Wagons are equipped with a movable roof and have the capacity of 93 m3 and the length of 16,53 m with an option to perform P5 and to choose the colour.

Wagon with an open roof - type T

Tads – wagon with open roof, 4-axle, 50 tons <= load limit => 60 tons, automatic gravity unloading, dosed to one side or the other, unloading chutes positioned high, adapted to driving at a speed of 100 km / h

DESTINATION: The wagon is intended for the transport of loose, dry and moisture-sensitive loose materials (e.g. urea, ammonium nitrate, ammonium sulphate and other chemical materials).

LOADING: It takes place by means of conveyor belts or gravitationally from loading silos.

UNLOADING: Gravity unloading, outside the railroad tracks

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