Charging Stations

  • The electric car market is going to be one of the most dynamically developing sectors of economy in the next 10-15 years
  • The moment there is less than 100.000 electric cars in Poland. This amount is going to be tripled in 2 years and by 2030 the amount may well be 1 mln vehicles
  • Several car manufactures are pulling out their fuel operated cars from production as soon as 2025 and the EU directive allows tchem to be produced only until 2035
  • At the moment there are 5 mln electric cars in Europe. There are going to be 65 mln by 2030 and by 2035 there are going to be 130 mln of them
  • We install chargers of 180-640 kW power.
  • The construction and installation of high power chargers is optimal for charging several cars at a time and assures intelligent redirection of power to suit the needs of every client.
  • We cover 100% of the cost of infrastructural investment as well as the construction and installation itself. We are looking for locations whose owners would be willing to set aside a numer of parking spaces adequate to the size of the parking and allow the construction of electric chargers in these spaces.
  • The end-users of such car parks will gain the opportunity to charge both their own cars and rentals they will be sharing.

Electric cars in Europe (mln.)