Eco world

We care about the environmental realities of our planet. As a result, we work closely together with our clients, to raise awareness and promote sustainable practices

Our development

Another element of the implemented quality policy is to always strive for the best service for our customers. Therefore, we conduct regular training courses for our employees at all levels. As a result, you can remain confident that cooperation with us means a professional and specialist approach in our endeavors.

Sector of photovoltaics

From the very beginning, our company has been providing comprehensive services in terms of photovoltaic power station projects. We provide our services with the maximum level of professionalism. Prior to commencement of an investment, we offer extensive consulting services. At each stage of the project, a given portion of construction works is performed to build a complete solar park. We provide a full service, up to the final acceptance and start-up of the photovoltaic power station.

Structured cabling

Structured cabling of new buildings is another high-quality service we offer during an investment project. We are ready to take up any investment challenge, from small and relatively simple construction projects, up to the ones demanding substantial technical resources, considerable experience, as well as required licenses and certificates.

Consultations and training service

As professionals we are aware that photovoltaics is highly innovative and one of the most rapidly growing industries in the power energy sector. For that reason, photovoltaic investments require extensive expertise. We share its know-how in photovoltaics by offering consultation and training services. We are at your service.

Monitoring and thermal imaging of solar panels

For all interested customers We offer to check the work of the built installation with appropriate tools, to monitor its status. In low power installations, any disturbances in system operation can be verified by means of a thermal imaging camera. In the case of large installations, located on large areas of land, we offer electronic monitoring. Intelligent farm management has many advantages for the investor. Each photovoltaic module is independently monitored by Smart Grid Sensor SMPV connected to it. The sensors measure voltage and current. The data is sent wirelessly to the computer. Thanks to this system, the user has knowledge about current production and issues in a specific photovoltaic module.


Installing a photovoltaic panel observation system allows for continuous data recording, which allows for real-time monitoring of what happens at any given moment. The panel monitoring is easy to read and can be presented in a clear way.

Smart Factory System

We also have in our offer Smart Factory system, which will modernize your company – it will introduce advanced technologies and process optimization, which will transfer to production efficiency.

Thermal Imaging Cameras

Thermal cameras have a number of applications, therefore our offer also includes thermal imaging measurements, which will quickly and visually show irregularities in the functioning of photovoltaic panels. Thermal imaging testing allows the analysis of very large areas in a short time, which makes it an efficient and useful method, especially in emergency cases.
Construction encasement for photovoltaic panels We provide services of driving steel structures into all types of land. We have a park of self-propelled Gayk tracked machines which drive steel poles for photovoltaic structures in sandy, clay and solid rock soils. We are able to drive the poles on any terrain. At the same time, we recommend that all potential investors carry out soil testing by specialists or try to drive several poles into the investment area.

Speed and accuracy

Free-standing systems for photovoltaic panels are based on piles. The quickest and the most accurate method is to pile up, i.e. driving the posts with a machine. Modern pile driving equipment enables fast and efficient work, which saves you time and money. The pile-driving machines are precise and allow you to place the poles at the desired angle. We use proven machines to maximize productivity.