• reconstruction and modernization of railways
  • construction of subgrade and railroad Surface
  • construction and modernization of track system drainage
  • construction of platforms, shelters, modernization of stations and stops
  • construction and renovation of local control centers
  • construction and renovation of railway stations
  • construction and renovation of switch towers
  • construction and renovation of traction substations
  • construction and renovation of vehicle inspection stations
  • construction of airports as subcontractor

Also in the railway industry, we pride ourselves on many exemplarily completed projects. Our work is characterized by a high degree of complexity and require the use of modern technology and equipment.

We developed and technologically advanced machinery and transport park consisting of a total of over 200 different units of equipment.

Infrastructure & railways

complete projects (construction of roadbed, subgrade, tracks, fusion welding, platforms, stations, crossings, turnouts, signaling)

  • civil works manager engineer
  • railways manager engineer
  • energy manager engineer
  • roads manager engineer
  • buildings manager engineer
  • airports manager engineer
  • bridges manager engineer
  • dehydration manager engineer
  • railway traffic control system manager engineer
  • fusion welding manager engineer
  • traction manager engineer
  • electric manager engineer
  • chief executive officer
  • construction manager
  • team leader
  • civil works specialists