#BeReady masks production

  • #BeReady MASK
  • #HelloNano coating
  • is 100% safe for the user
  • (a disposable mask is not safe if You use it longer)
  • #BeReady MASK
  • protects the others if You are infected or sick
  • #BeReady MASK
  • Costs You less than disposable masks (if You will use it min. 10 days, 3 times a day)

Two independent long-term protection systems

  • Outer layer: high-performance, waterproof and breathable synthetic or cotton fabric, with a multi-level nano coating with a proven ability to destroy all organic substances on its surface (viruses, bacteria, mold, fungi, pathogens, volatile organic substances, allergens)
  • Inner layer: skin-friendly non woven fabric with embedded silver nanoparticles, with a strong viral and bactericidal effect, to reduce the risk to the user’s health by keeping it dry and hygienic
  • Reusable, min. 12 washes every two weeks or less depending on physical soiling
  • Settling viruses and bacteria are neutralized on the mask. Therefore they do not pose a threat when using it, downloading it, putting it away at home, in the car and do not transfer microbes to other household members

Active bactericidal and viricidal coating

  • The combination of unique nano structures (natural nanotubes, nanoplates, nano zinc oxide, nano titanium oxide and colloidal non- ionic nano silver) creates a nano coating that effectively prevents the multiplication of viruses, bacteria and other organic substances on its surface in real time. Thanks to chemical reactions taking place inside the nano-shell, viruses, bacteria and other organic substances are completely broken down into simple chemicals.
  • Due to the very unique nanoparticle of the Hello Nano carrier and the competitive advantage of our Hello Nano Fusion method, all nanoparticles, with their targeted actions, are successfully applied and evenly distributed over the entire surface of the coating.
  • Thanks to our Hello Nano formula, we have been able to create a strong chemical bond with each other of all selected nanoparticles on the inner surface of natural nanoplates and nanotubes.