#BeReadyGROUP – our employees in your business

Responding to the enormous realization needs for railway and construction projects, we have prepared an offer corresponding to the market demand.

There are currently 200 people working for us and this number is growing at a high rate from week to week. Each of our employees has experience in railway or construction work. By proposing employees for specific positions, we offer people with years of experience in the proposed areas. They are not random people, but carefully selected and specialized.

We offer you to involve your employees in the outsourcing model for each and every specialization concerning the railway market and around the railway market, among others in the following specializations:

  • track worker
  • fitter
  • medium and high voltage electrician/electromonitor
  • excavator operator
  • crane operator
  • driver of trucks with trailers and/or semi-trailers
  • paver
  • bricklayer / concrete worker
  • fitter of outdoor and indoor devices
  • welder

These are professions that we already have at home, but it is possible to organize a specialization for your needs. We have virtually unlimited possibilities in terms of numbers. With more demand in certain specialties, we just need more time to bring these people to Poland. Each person we employ goes through a complete procedure, of course, along with verifications of the possibility of their employment in Poland, i. e. registration with the relevant authorities, work permits, residence permits, railway work permits, BPH training and medical examinations.

In the adopted standards we assume reporting on the work performed in two-week periods with 7-day payment terms. We are convinced that the above offer will be of interest to you and is a response to market business needs. We invite you to cooperation.